We importthe health care products from France in particular and OEM/ ODM the packaging by ourselves.

We customize for your brand especially

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Royal jelly,Tart cherry extract,Prune juice,Enzymes,Extract


The know-how and experience on the base of salable viewpoint
with the comprehensive strategy and outstanding marketing research ability.

Strict QC

With the traceable quality management which follows EU food safety regulations from selecting to producing.

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Agency and E-commerce in Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia.


All types of health-care products

OEM/ ODM for capsules, liquid and powder

We expertise in OEM and ODM for many years with the comprehensive technique and R&D.

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Featured products of Win Dong

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Customize all types of health care products.

WIN DONGWe serve in sincerity

Strict QC with EU regulations for the best quality and safety.

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Thomas Arthur

Win Dong Trading Co., Ltd. established in 1992 with the core business of importing and exporting raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products for foods and heath care foods. With the philosophy of being professional, providing R&D, service and staying dynamic for sustainable operations. Influenced by the enterprise internationalization and the digitization of the technology information, the industrial construction in Taiwan has been rapidly changed and the development of the enterprise strives for the proficiency in research and development as well as the service and dynamic spirit. Win Dong continuously devotes human and financial resources to the enforcement of the organizational management to cope with the transition of the industrial construction and the competition, while the dedication to the development of the new elements and the consistent improvement with the contracted factories also increases the market competition. Win Dong eagerly looks for the opportunity to expand the territory in the health care foods and medical care products by taking agency of the biotechnology materials and finished products for the advanced countries in Europe and America to optimize the Blue Ocean value.

Taiwan. Win Dong